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Why Build a New Home with Capitol Homes?

Your new home. No compromises.

Florida Model Home

Choosing to build a new home can be an exciting, fun and rewarding experience. At Capitol Homes, we will work with you to build and customize your home to your exact specifications.

Want to Find the Right Home? Build it!

The search for the right home can be alternately fun and frustrating, especially when you find that pre-built homes currently on the market don’t fit your needs or fall short of expectations. Many of our homeowners choose to build because they have been looking for months to find a pre-built home that meets their requirements, but none of the available homes measure up.

Capitol Homes is a custom home builder that goes the extra mile to make certain that our clients receive the forever home of their dreams. We work with people every day who know exactly what they want—and what they don’t want—in a home. Our Designer Series floor plans are fully customizable and we offer a wide range of finishes to help you bring the perfect home in your mind into reality.

10 Advantages of New Homes in Florida

1 New Homes Have Better, More Modern Designs

Modern Capitol Built home

Many existing homes were built a decade or more ago, when floor plans weren’t as open, kitchens were cut off from the rest of the house, and formal dining rooms were all the rage. At Capitol Homes, all of our floor plans are open concept, with a modern feel that is built around the Florida lifestyle. Unlike many other builders, Capitol encourages our homebuyers to make changes to the floor plans to fit their requirements. Want bigger bedrooms? More closet space? A larger garage? No problem. We won’t build you a house that is just “good enough.” We will build you a home that you will love, every day.

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2 Get the Kitchen and Master Suite of Your Dreams

Capitol Homes master suite

Inadequate kitchens and master bedrooms are one of the most common complaints we hear when people are looking to buy existing home inventory. Don’t be stuck with a small, closed-off kitchen or a dull master suite when you can have so much more. Our modern kitchens and masters are built with elegance and convenience in mind and can be customized to suit your tastes.

Models for Every Budget

3 Skip the Renovations

No renovations required

Older homes frequently require large amounts of renovations to modernize the home, repair existing problems and customize it to fit the owner’s needs. With a newly built home by Capitol Homes, you can begin to fully enjoy your home from day one, as soon as you move in. There is no need to endure months of renovations and construction—your new Capitol-built home will be built promptly to the highest quality standards according to your exact specifications. You get the finishes you want, the floor plan you require, and the peace of mind knowing it was well-constructed, with a one-year “bumper-to-bumper” warranty.

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4 Get the Finishes You Want

Capitol Homes built kitchen

Don’t let someone else’s questionable finish choices occupy your house. Capitol Homes offers a wide variety of elegant and modern finishes and fixtures for every budget, so your home will reflect your personal style.

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5 Get the 3-car Garage You Desire

Capitol Home 3 car garage

Older homes on the market often have undersized garages that make you choose between parking your car or using the space as you see fit. With a new Capitol Home, you can add a 3-car garage to any of our Designer Series floor plans to gain additional space for a workshop or whatever you desire. We can make your garage longer to accommodate trucks and larger vehicles, or we can build the garage ceiling higher to accommodate a car lift for that special project car.

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6 Lower Cost to Maintain

Save money with energy efficient homes

Existing homes were frequently built under less strict regulations, with less energy efficient windows, insulation and appliances. Your new Capitol Home will be incredibly energy efficient, saving you money every month and increasing your comfort level throughout the year. Keep cool in the summer with our well-sized AC units, excellent insulation and energy-efficient impact windows.

7 No Surprises—Everything is New

Newly built Capitol homes

Don’t let an unexpected home expense take a bite out of your budget. When buying an existing home, it is often difficult to tell if you’ll be surprised with a sudden roof replacement, foundation issue or HVAC replacement. The normal wear and tear of a home takes its toll over time, requiring repair and maintenance as the home ages. With a new home, you won’t have to deal with repair and replacement. Our Capitol Homes have a comprehensive “bumper to bumper” warranty that covers everything in the home for a period of one year. Appliances, HVACs and roofs are covered for much longer, giving you peace of mind.

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8 Choose Your HOA…or None at All

Do you want to live in an HOA community?

With a new home, you can choose the exact neighborhood where you want to build as well as the size of your lot. As part of that choice, you have the opportunity to select whether or not you want to live in a deed restricted community with a homeowners association (HOA). Although HOAs can provide beneficial guidelines for communities, many of our clients have RVs or boats that they want to store on their property and they specifically choose sites with a more lenient HOA, or even none at all. Get the floor plan you want on a home site that will give you the flexibility you need for your lifestyle.

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9 Build an On-Site RV Hookup or Power Your Boat Lift

Capitol Home with RV hookup

In Florida, enjoying the outdoors is a part of everyday life. RV travel can be fun and exciting, but when you’re back at home they can be difficult to store and maintain. Many of today’s RVs require connection to power to keep the humidity and temperature in a range that won’t damage the wood and electronics in the vehicle. Our team can build a custom concrete pad with hookups for your RV, so you won’t have to worry about maintaining your home away from home.

For waterfront properties, Capitol Homes can run power and water to the seawall to provide you with the utilities you need for a fish cleaning station, light, and boat lift. Enjoy your recreation time outdoors more with a customized Capitol Home.

10 Build a Healthy Home

New home construction in Southwest Florida

Older homes can have air quality issues that aren’t immediately apparent when people tour them prior to purchase. Our new Capitol Homes are built using industry best practice methods of keeping the home safe and healthy for those within. Our homes are well-sealed, don’t contain harmful materials, and our Designer Series homes utilize advanced AC filtration technology, with a filtered air return in each bedroom to keep the area where you sleep healthy. You can rest easy—literally—in your new Capitol Home.

Build Your Forever Home with Capitol Homes

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