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Frequently Asked Questions

Thinking of building a custom home in Southwest Florida? Before you’re ready to take the plunge, it’s likely you have a few questions about how it all works. To give you some better clarity, we’ll go over some of the most frequently asked questions we receive whenever we’re consulting with would-be buyers.

Southwest Florida is full of beautiful, affordable lots in idyllic locations. It’s why so many people intent on building their dream home are flocking to the area.

Charlotte and Sarasota counties in particular have an abundance of amazing properties available. Englewood, North Port, and Port Charlotte are all excellent towns featuring desirable neighborhoods with ample amenities. The best part is that it’s possible to get quarter-acre lots suitable for construction in the range of just $5,000 - $20,000.

If you’re not sure which neighborhoods to focus on in your search, Capitol Homes can lend a hand. Our agents can point out all of the best locales, zero in on which one is right for you, and help you find a great deal on an ideal property for your project.

Our model homes have highly knowledgeable agents who are happy to help you get the lay of the land. We’ll get to know you and your interests and will work with you to figure out which neighborhood best fits your needs. Our sales team can even assist you with a personal tour so you can see the community for yourself.

While being in the area can be helpful during the home building process, it’s definitely not a necessity. In fact, the majority of our own clientele aren’t locals. It’s for this reason that we built a project management system capable of keeping you up to date and informed of project progress from afar. You can also reach out to specific staff members by phone if you have questions or urgent matters to discuss. While this sort of setup isn’t standard for custom homebuilders, we feel it’s necessary in order to keep our clients stress-free and satisfied.

Given that the average custom home build takes about a year, it’s understandable if you’d like to be closer while your home is being built. Our team can help you find a comfortable temporary rental in such a scenario.

All of our homes are designed with extraordinary care and quality construction, and include many features as standard that other builders would charge for. As an example, site preparation, building permits and fees, standard water and sewer connections and energy efficient low-e windows with screens are included for all of our homes.

Our two home series are designed to fit different lifestyles and budgets. Designer Series homes include more premium materials as standard and are fully customizable. Our Signature Series floor plans are designed with value in mind, and do not include some of the premium features of our Designer homes. If you wish to customize your home (such as upgrading to a 3-car garage or expanding the size of bedrooms or closet space), we recommend choosing a Designer floor plan for maximum flexibility.

Depending on what custom home contractor you choose, you may need to give your budget room for a lot of extra services. These often include site surveys and grading, permitting, engineering certifications, soil compaction tests, energy consumption calculations, utility connections, and driveway construction.

Luckily, when you work with Capitol Homes, all of those duties are taken care of by our team and included in your base project pricing. You won’t have to worry about adding extras on to your package in order to ensure that your project can make it over the finish line.

Capitol Homes works closely with many local and national lenders. Since every home buyer has unique circumstances and needs, we feel it’s important to help pair each with the lender that can best accommodate them.

There’s no doubt that Southwest Florida is a coastal paradise. But like with anything in life, that wonderful perk doesn’t come without some complications.

Building a home that’s suitable for this climate will require you to account for both insulation against heat and protection against tropical storms. One major part of this is installing windows that are both impact-resistant and highly energy efficient.

It’s important to note that many builders will charge a sizable fee to upgrade to energy efficient windows. But at Capitol Homes, we – by default – provide premium quality, impact grade windows made of low-e glass and filled with argon gas between the panes. Your windows will not only be tough enough to endure violent weather, but also insulated to keep the heat outside where it belongs.

Every home constructed by the Capitol team receives a certification for 160 mph wind zone by a state-certified engineer. This verifies that the structure is built to withstand heavy winds typical of our region’s storms.

Recruit the Best Home Builder in Southwest Florida

The first step to building a custom home in Southwest Florida is finding the right team for the job. You need a partner that is trustworthy, communicative, and able to deliver the quality you expect out of a dream home.

At Capitol Homes, we pride ourselves on our reputation. We’re known for making the building process easy, affordable, and even fun! Our crew has helped hundreds of families carve out their own piece of heaven here on the coast, and we’re ready to help you do it, too. Contact us today to schedule an appointment at our design center or visit one of our model homes.

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