Frequently Asked Questions

Buying or building a new home is an exciting process that Capitol Homes is dedicated to explaining in as much detail as you need to fully understand each step of the process.

Our model homes have sales staff with a lot of local knowledge.

We are happy to get you better acquainted with your new neighborhood! We’ll get to know you and your interests and will work with you to figure out which neighborhood best fits your needs. Our sales team can even assist you with a personal tour so you can see the community for yourself.

The sales staff at our model homes are licensed real estate agents who can assist with the purchase of a new home site.

There are a lot of factors that go into purchasing a piece of property to build on. For example, a low price tag on a property may seem enticing, but the additional cost to build can outweigh the savings on the property. Our agents can help guide you through the process and find a lot with your budget and needs in mind. You’re always in good hands with our agents, and quickly the benefits of our trained staff helping them select the best suited lot for them.

We work closely with many lenders.

Each customer has their own unique financial circumstances, and after a quick consultation, we can help direct you to the lender that best suits your needs.

This is a common question among our customers. Sometimes, it is most ideal to have a rental home in our local area while their dream home is being built. Our sales staff is fully equipped to help suit any rental needs you may need.

We are completely accustomed to building homes for people not currently living in our area.

As most of our new homeowners do not live here during the building process, we have developed a system to keep them up to date, giving them complete confidence that their home is being built to the highest quality standards. We pride ourselves in always being available to our clients, and strive to create a personalized approach to home building. Aside from being able to contact our office at any time, you will be given staff cell phone numbers to reach them directly.

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