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Port Charlotte Custom Homes


Capitol Homes is proud to be part of the Port Charlotte community. From the friendly & welcoming community members to the average 300 sunny days per year, Port Charlotte is unmatched when it comes to great places to live, work and play. Port Charlotte is perfect for families as well as those who’ve retired.

With 165 miles of waterways, access to Charlotte Harbor, Gulf of Mexico, Peace River and Myakka River, and an abundance of golf courses, Port Charlotte is one of the Gulf coast’s best-kept secrets. Hiking along miles of nature trails, freshwater and saltwater activities and the excitement of the Tampa Bay Rays spring training, which takes place at Port Charlotte Charlotte Sports Park, this hidden gem features, quite literally, something for everyone.

Port Charlotte Model Home
Port Charlotte Custom Home Builder
Port Charlotte Model Home
Port Charlotte Custom Home Builder
Port Charlotte recreation

Not Just a Beach Town

Situated on Florida’s gulf coast, Port Charlotte is one of the state’s best-kept secrets for families, retirees and visitors-turned-residents. Located roughly halfway between Sarasota and Fort Myers, Port Charlotte has much to offer, no matter where your interests lie. 

Popular in the area are countless water activities. From the most serene fishing to exciting watersports such as parasailing, the town’s 165+ miles of waterways provide access to every water-related activity you could think of. 

However, water activities are not all Port Charlotte offers. Landlubbers are guaranteed to find fun and relaxing things to do, too. Golfers have their choice of seven different golf courses to play, nature preserves are close by and hiking trails are plentiful. 

Beaches, sports and forests are punctuated by the city’s many indoor offerings, such as shopping, dining, theatre, spa and more, for those days when you just need to bask in the AC. 

Port Charlotte recreation

Living in Port Charlotte

Those who’ve made Port Charlotte their home, be it half the year or year-round, give the town’s charm their overwhelming approval. It’s a rather quiet and charming community, yet manages to offer all the modern conveniences a person could ask for; for a bigger-city experience, Punta Gorda is extremely close by.

Numerous publications, including CNN Money, US News & World Report, and Forbes, have named Port Charlotte one of the “Best Places to Retire” in the United States, citing the affordable cost of living, great weather and the aforementioned abundance of amenities.

While larger coastal cities tend to have a higher-than-average cost of living, most retired Port Charlotte residents live comfortably on an average amount of retirement income, and families find that they can enjoy the beach-town feel without breaking their bank accounts.

Port CharlotteCustom Home Builders

Since 2007, family-owned design-build firm Capitol Homes has been providing clients with the home of their dreams. Each home is individually designed by Scott Knapp, Capitol Homes’ Founder and licensed Architect, according to the wishes of the homebuyer.

“My goal is to build beautiful, long-lasting homes to the standards of quality and value that I would demand for my own home.” – Scott Knapp

Having grown up in Englewood in a family of construction professionals, Scott creates floorplans that cater to the Florida lifestyle as well as the needs of the eventual occupant.

Why Build a Custom Home?

Sure, you could buy an existing home that’s on the market for more than it’s worth, but then you have to hire crews to come in and renovate to ensure your home feels and functions exactly how you want. Why spend the extra money and deal with the headaches? Building a custom home in Port Charlotte is surprisingly affordable and provides you with your own piece of this beautiful community. 

Rather than choosing from what’s currently available, consider customizing your entire experience with a fresh home built just for you, in a location that meets your needs in terms of education, health care and proximity to major airports.

Going custom means that you have the flexibility to choose every last detail in your home. Knowing that your needs are unique and different from those of other homebuyers, you can have the luxury of being in control of the layout, design and functionality of your new home.

A home you’ve built also holds value much better than resale homes. 

Why? The answer is two-fold:

First, a brand-new home is years away from needing major repairs, while an older home is susceptible to faulty wiring, substandard plumbing, decades-old roofing and the potential for water damage, pest infestation or other problems that are sure to cause migraines. 

Secondly, newly-built homes provide energy-efficient technology and the latest in sustainable building. Today’s regulatory standards are much more comprehensive than those of decades past, so when you opt to build rather than buy, you can feel secure knowing that your home is sturdy, safe and efficient. 

All of these benefits must mean that the price tag is out of reach, right?

Nope. In fact, building a custom home can be around the same price as purchasing an existing home, but you have the added benefit of not needing costly maintenance, repairs, remodels or renovations on a new home. Your appliances are brand-new and still under warranty, and you’ll often be provided a builder’s warranty to protect you from any incidental losses. 

Furthermore, when you build custom, you often get more for your money. While the average 50-year-old home can sell for about $148 per square foot, a new home costs, on average, $103 per square foot – giving you more space at what amounts to a lower overall cost.

‘Outsiders’ Welcome

Newcomers who love the outdoors and adventures are known in the area as ‘Outsiders’. No, this is not an elitist or offensive term. The Englewood-Port Charlotte-Punta Gorda area’s motto is ‘Our Best Side is Outside,’ so being an ‘Outsider’ is encouraged. Longtime residents of the area are more than happy to share the sun, sand and community with newcomers, so from their perspective, ‘Outsiders’ are welcome.