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Hurricane-Ready Homes

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Capitol Homes are built to withstand hurricane conditions

Located on the Gulf Coast of Florida, Capitol Homes understands how important it is to build strong homes with quality materials to withstand the often extreme weather conditions we experience for approximately half of each year. That’s why we utilize building materials that have been tested and rated for durability, longevity, and resistance to wind and water extremes.

When you own an award-winning Capitol-built home, you can rest much easier knowing your home is built with hurricanes in mind.

Hurricane Ian Makes Landfall
in Southwest Florida
September 28, 2022

hurricane proof residential construction

When Hurricane Ian hit the southwest coast of Florida, many Capitol Homes homeowners received the brunt of the wind, rain, and storm surge. While many neighborhoods were decimated from the storm’s brutal impact, Capitol-built homes sustained little to no damage – mainly slight cosmetic damage, such as torn pool cage screens and loosened eaves.

"The severity of the storm that impacted our area was catastrophic. Hurricane Ian had maximum sustained winds of 155 MPH and brought life threatening storm surge. With widespread flooding, downed trees and damage to homes and businesses, our tight knit community will all have to work together to begin cleanup of the devastation left behind.

We are grateful to all our customers who have reached out to let us know they weathered the hurricane safely in their home. Our goal has always been to build a home that is not only beautiful, but safe."

In the weeks after the storm, customers as well as second-generation Capitol homeowners reached out to Capitol to report that their homes not only kept them safe during the worst of it but also stood strong in every possible way. This feedback also provided Capitol with ideas for ways to improve the already-stellar construction of the homes, for which the team is grateful.


Capitol Homes Are Built to Dade County Hurricane Code

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Masonry Construction

While many traditional homes were built primarily with wood, today’s south Florida building code requires that homes are constructed with concrete block – for good reason. Hurricanes are getting stronger by the year, so it’s crucial that homes built in coastal and/or hurricane-prone zones stand strong in the face of winds that could exceed 150 mph.

Block, or masonry, homes are strong, but they’re also weighty and rigid, providing an ideal base to which the home’s roof system can be securely attached. Masonry-built homes can also dampen some of the outside sounds so that you can sleep, watch Netflix, or just hang out without added background noise.

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Concrete Stucco

Capitol homes are finished with stucco, which adds another layer of protection to the home during particularly strong storms. While many homeowners choose stucco as their home’s outer layer due to aesthetic preferences, it can actually help protect your home from fire, moisture, and wind. Known to last up to 50 years with minimal maintenance, stucco is versatile, easy to maintain, and cost effective; however, we choose stucco for its incredible strength and durability. It’s made from concrete and is much more protective than aluminum or vinyl siding options, as well as more resilient in the face of temperature fluctuations.

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Elevated Foundation

Capitol Homes takes the added step of providing the option of a stem wall foundation for added elevation and reinforcement. A stem wall foundation actually starts with a slab but includes added wide footings buried deeply into the ground. The base slab is poured at ground level and is then surrounded by a perimeter of concrete block. This type of foundation is worth the extra work, as it provides a stable and elevated base to the home.

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High-Quality Roofing

Today’s roofing materials are tested and rated to withstand high winds and water intrusion. Capitol Homes uses high-performance underlayment to ensure the best possible protection from wind-driven rainwater intrusion. We offer several styles of roof shingles, all of which are rated higher than code to make them an even better choice for coastal homes.

Note: Due to customer requests after Hurricane Ian (2022), Capitol Homes is rethinking the ridge vents we use in order to make homes even less vulnerable to wind-driven rainwater intrusion. Our hope is to find a new style that will make the roof totally impervious to weather conditions of all types.

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Hurricane Straps

In addition to utilizing premium roofing materials on all of our homes, we also add a crucial feature: hurricane straps. Hurricane straps are steel connectors used in the roofing system to ensure greater strength in the face of high wind situations. While there are several different types of hurricane straps, they all share a common purpose: added bracing that prevents the roof from being torn off of the home during storms up to category 5. While strapping is not a 100% foolproof method, it’s the best option available in the home building industry and definitely worth the extra step in the building process.

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Impact-resistant Windows & Doors

All windows and exterior doors installed by Capitol Homes are high-quality, with added strength to deflect impacts from flying storm debris. We offer several styles and types of window and door options, including impact-resistant and aesthetic options from top brands to ensure the safest and most beautiful home exterior. Our windows and doors are installed professionally and sealed impeccably for energy efficiency.

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