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Backyard Landscaping Ideas

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Summertime sets many of us brainstorming. As we start spending more time outdoors, we begin to get all sorts of ideas about what we’d like in our backyards: more room, easier accessibility, lusher plantings, and so on.

There are a number of ways to use landscaping to create an ideal outdoor space, incorporating a variety of features that enhance the beauty and utility of your yard. Below, we take a look at some options that are suitable for all sorts of needs and households.

Flattened Yard Space

Many underestimate just how nice a flat backyard is until they find themselves in need of one. This commonly happens with households that have small children, or retirees with mobility issues. Uneven and rocky terrains can be quite a hazard for both of these groups, making it much harder to enjoy the outdoors in peace. If your property isn’t flat, the terrain can be regraded to create a level surface. Pathways should skip rough, trip-prone cobble stones and instead opt for smooth paving options like concrete and flat stone slabs. This is especially important for those who use mobility aids, such as walkers and wheelchairs.

High-Rise Flower Beds with Ledge Seating

high rise garden beds

Many of Florida’s residents are aging in place, meaning that they need their homes to be able to accommodate their changing physical abilities. For avid gardeners, this need becomes apparent when kneeling down next to flower beds becomes harder and harder to do.

Those who don’t want to give up their hobby find that installing tall flower beds with ledge seating can help them comfortably tend to their gardens. Stone and lumber are both good options, so long as the structure allows enough support and surface area to accommodate sitting and setting down supplies.

Bark Playground Spaces

Households with children need yards that offer a safe place to play. Creating a bark pit to act as the flooring for jungle gyms and swing sets is an effective means of offering a soft, cushioned surface for falls. It’s also a great way to clearly define a “kids’ zone” when adults are trying to enjoy another part of the backyard themselves.

Built-In Mound Slides

florida landscaping ideas

Instead of defaulting to the pre-made play sets, it’s also possible to make the play equipment itself a part of your landscaping. See the built-in mound slide trend. This entails building up a naturally-sloped mound in your backyard, then setting in a recessed slide.

The result is an exciting play feature that is much safer than traditional slide structures, which can require children to climb a fair height.

Shaded/Screened Dog Runs

Dogs get stressed, too, which is why they need their own space to relax and unwind. Giving them a landscaped dog run can go a long way toward helping them live calm and happy lives.

You can use architecture or natural foliage to provide shade and privacy, even forming a den-like structure at one end for a cozy feel. Many owners have also incorporated fun features into their dog runs for play, such as tires and tunnels.

Privacy Tree Rows

privacy hedge for your home in Florida

If you’re living in a dense suburb, it’s not just your dogs who will want privacy! You can give yourself a bit of solitude by planting rows of trees, hedges, or shrubs along the perimeter of your property. This may only be necessary in limited areas depending on the number and placement of houses neighboring your home.

In addition to privacy, these plantings can provide a bonus of shade. This will come in handy when that harsh Florida sun is beating down on your yard and home.

Enclosed Lanais

While it may not technically be a landscaping feature, installing an enclosed lanai is a great way to create a safe, secure place to enjoy the outdoors. Here at Capitol Homes, we specialize in outfitting custom homes with fully-enclosed lanais that house luxurious in-ground pools.

These structures offer a number of benefits. It automatically fences in your pool, protecting it from being accessed by children or trespassers. An enclosed lanai also allows you to have fun in your outdoor space even when summer rain and wind hits. The glass covering will shield you from the elements while still letting in light and warmth.

Creating Your Perfect Home in Florida

If you’d like to improve more than your backyard, starting from scratch with a custom home may be the perfect option. Building custom allows you to pick all of the features you want, inside and out, ensuring you get a property that meets your needs exactly.

Here in Southwest Florida, Capitol Homes is known as one of the most trusted custom home builders. We’ve helped residents throughout Englewood, Port Charlotte, and North Port find the ideal lot and construct the home of their dreams. You’re invited to look through our floor plans and contact us to set up a visit to one of our model home centers. We can’t wait to hear from you!