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Seamless Indoor-Outdoor Living

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seamless outdoor indoor living

One of the greatest things about living in South Florida is our access to the outdoors. Not only do we enjoy a wonderful climate that gives us balmy breezes and soothing sunrays all year long, we’re also spoiled with the natural beauty of a sub-tropical environment. This allows us to make the outdoors a part of our everyday lives, even when we’re just relaxing at home.

For this reason, our residential architecture caters to a lifestyle that blurs the line between the home’s interior and exterior. Many homes include features that you just don’t see much of in less temperate locales.

Today, we’ll take a look at some of the most popular features that facilitate seamless indoor-outdoor living, and review what benefits they offer.

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Scenic Windows

There’s nothing that sweetens life more than waking up every day to lovely views. Having a clear view of natural greenery is more than a decorative perk, it’s also a proven way to lower stress and improve your mental health.

Broad, tall, scenic windows are excellent for creating wide open views to the lush Florida landscape. Even if your window only faces your backyard or garden, it’s the perfect way to bring the outside in.

Another benefit of scenic windows is that, when placed correctly, they can provide all of the natural lighting you need throughout the day. Given that daylight exposure is another essential ingredient for optimal health, having large windows in your home can go a long way toward improving your quality of life. Who knew that a little glimpse of the outdoors could do so much good?

Enclosed Lanais

Spending time in the backyard is a simple pleasure. The mere act of heading outside to enjoy your morning coffee or chat with visitors is an easy way to boost your mood. But when strong winds, sprinkling rain, or nosy neighbors are present, it can quickly feel less luxurious.

Enclosing part of your outdoor space can offer just the right amount of shelter and seclusion. In Florida, this is often done by building a lanai. Using glass as the enclosing material means you still get all of the sunlight and scenery you desire, but with the privacy and comfort of noise and weather-blocking material.

Lanais are commonly used to surround patio decks, but they can also be stretched around an entire pool area. This is becoming increasingly popular, especially for residents who would still like to enjoy their pools when blustery storms hit. If you have kids, this feature will also be useful for containing their noise when they’re playing in the pool – at least a little bit!

90° Sliding Doors

By and far the best way to live that indoor/outdoor life is to remove barriers altogether. This can be done by installing 90-degree sliding doors. Since these doors are made to fully wrap around a corner, they can easily replace entire portions of the interior wall. Then, when you wish to open your home to your backyard, simply push them aside to create a hybrid space.

Many Floridians combine this design feature with a lanai or a pool deck. This allows people to freely move between the areas, creating a relaxed atmosphere. Entertainers especially love that this type of sliding door can maximize the fun of pool parties, backyard barbecues, and other types of big get-togethers.

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Master Suite Patio Access

What could be more romantic or luxurious than having private access to your backyard from the master suite? More and more Florida residents are embracing this feature, desiring the carefree ease that comes with a bedroom that opens to the outdoors. Whether you want to welcome the mornings with open doors or you want to head straight for a nap after lounging by the pool, there’s no better way to do it.

This design element typically takes shape as classic French doors. Having glass-paneled doors that open on both sides adds the ultimate amount of space, light, and scenery. Of course, these features work best when they’re present only at the right moment. Privacy concerns are easily resolved by installing curtains or screens over the interior side of the doors.

Build a Home with Features that Fit Your Lifestyle

Whether you’re already a Florida resident or are considering a move to our paradisical state, chances are that your ideal lifestyle is one that fully embraces the outdoors. Here at Capitol Homes, we can help you create a place where you’re free to indulge in the comforts of coastal air, verdant views, and ample sunshine.

Our team can build a custom home that includes some or all of the features detailed above, truly giving you the best of both worlds. View our floor plans to see our designs. If you’re ready to discuss your project in detail, contact us today!