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5 Tips for Better Work-from-home Experience

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After nearly two years of the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us have transitioned to working from home full- or part-time. This has forced our homes to adapt as we try to create functional office spaces within them.

Making it work can be tricky. There are often limitations on space, budget and suitable locations. But with the right approach, you can create a home office that maximizes your productivity and gives you a great experience. We’ve shared our 5 best tips below to help you start on the right foot.

No Compromising on Choice of Neighborhood

Seek Seclusion

Whatever you do, don’t assume that you’ll be fine working on the couch in the family room, or tucked off to the side of the kitchen. High-traffic places aren’t ideal for working stations, since they leave you open to a lot of distraction and disruption. Kids playing, pets begging for attention, visitors showing up, your spouse watching TV – it can all be too much when you’re trying to focus.

Choose a location that gives you peace and quiet. A private room that is farther away from the busiest spots in the house is the best choice, but we know that not everyone has a whole extra room to spare.

If you must integrate your work space into another zone, we recommend finding ways to give yourself some seclusion and signal to others that the space is your private area. Room dividers, curtains, even a well-placed bookshelf can all do a great job at defining the “do not disturb” zone and discouraging interruptions.

Prioritize Your View

Before working from home, we could usually get some sunshine and a change of scenery through our commutes or heading to lunch. Now, we’re cooped up in the house all day. That’s why it’s important to make sure your work station has a view that supports both your mental and physical health.

Natural daylight and green views are critical to our wellbeing. They help to regulate our hormones, better our moods and keep stress levels low. That’s why it’s recommended that you place your desk facing a window – ideally one with a view of some greenery. If you can’t get a glimpse of green from the window, decorate your work area with plenty of plants so that you can still enjoy the benefits. Even faux plants are known to have similar positive effects!

Embrace a Color Scheme That Fits You

Color is another factor that impacts mood greatly. Leveraging it in your work space is a great way to get you in the right frame of mind. But you’ll need to figure out what effect you’re going for in order to choose the right palette.

Are you someone who needs a jolt of energy to be productive? You may be best suited to a bright color scheme with fun patterns and accents. If you’re the type of person who needs ultimate zen in order to concentrate and stay on the ball, you will probably be best served by a subdued, minimalist palette that keeps your space feeling serene.

Don’t Skip Out on Organization

Building a work space that promotes productivity requires effective organization. Clutter makes it hard to stay on track, not just because of the visual chaos, but also because it makes it difficult to find the items you need. Keeping your desk, shelves and the rest of your work zone organized may take some extra furniture and storage containers, but it’s well worth it to maintain clarity.

Cord organization is another essential part of this. If your work calls for multiple devices to be used, you can wind up with a whole tangle of chargers and data cables strung about your desk. Purchasing cord sleeves and organizers will keep them under control while preserving your office’s style.

Accommodate Your Comfort

Heading into the company office, many of us would just have to deal with being stuck in an uncomfortable chair for hours on end. But working from home gives you complete control over your comfort. Making accommodations to maintain your comfort throughout the day can go a long way toward staying energized.

Of course, what works best is deeply personal for everyone. Some of us may love the feel of a plush rug beneath our feet. Others may want a cushy lounge chair to transfer to when we’re tired of sitting at our desks, or even a whole loveseat. You may even find that a simple scented candle is enough to take your work station from uninviting to cozy.

Build Your Dream Home with Your Dream Office

If switching to remote work has you considering a move, why not aim higher? Building a custom home according to all of your specs is the best way to ensure that you get an office that meets all of your needs. And the best part is, the rest of the home will too!

Here in South Florida, building custom can often be even more affordable than buying an existing home. Our team has helped countless residents get everything they wanted in a home, all while staying on budget. We can help you build your own home in one of the picturesque neighborhoods of Englewood, Port Charlotte or North Port. Contact us today to discuss the possibilities.