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Landscaping Trends for 2022

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Now that the new year is just around the corner, homeowners in Southeast Florida are making plans for the next round of home improvement projects. Much of the work will be put off until the holidays are over, providing plenty of time to do some research and figure out what options are most appealing. 

There are certainly trends emerging in what Florida’s residents are planning, and we’re seeing a number pop up in the realm of landscaping. The unique circumstances created by the pandemic have brought outdoor spaces into greater focus. Now, homeowners are exploring multiple ways to make the most of their landscaping. This list goes over the top trends we’re seeing arise in 2022, and discusses both their motives and merits.

No Compromising on Choice of Neighborhood

Lawn-Free & Low-Maintenance

Between cost pressures, environmental concerns, and a rejection of conventions that are more hassle than they’re worth, Floridians are ditching lawns at a rapid rate. Instead, they’re turning their yard space into intricately-designed terrains featuring ground cover and a variety of climate-appropriate plantings.

Such landscaping saves money on water. It also spares you (and your neighbors) the nuisance of early-morning yard work. The great thing is that there’s not much of a compromise required. Taking this route can actually make your property more attractive and distinctive than if you had a plain lawn. Thanks to the region’s suitability for a wide variety of exotic plants, South Florida homeowners can achieve especially striking compositions.

Florida Groundcover

Enhancing Privacy

The pandemic’s stay-at-home lifestyle has borne a much greater need for seclusion at home. This need even extends to the outdoors, where homeowners want to be able to enjoy the sunshine without onlookers from neighboring homes – or even their own.

We are seeing more privacy-purposed structures and plantings pop up in the region’s landscaping. From lush border hedges and trees to landscaping that creates private nooks in a designated portion of the yard, there are a number of ways Floridians are making their yards more of a retreat for “me” time.

Vertical Green

Again, the home-centric life shows its influence in the rising popularity of green that rises up onto the home, engulfing it in verdure and blurring the line between the built and the grown. Walls are covered in a blanket of leaves and tropical growth, making it easy to forget one is even still in the suburbs.

Vertical gardens are especially becoming popular picks for homes that have little yard space to work with. Making walls the new canvas for landscaping is opening up many more opportunities to enjoy extra green.

Spotlighting Water Features

Lately, Floridians are attempting to bring more cool serenity to their landscaping with water features that become the focal point of the outdoor space.

Ponds, waterfalls, and sculptural fountains are increasingly sought after because they are not only soothing but they also have the ability to reduce air temperatures via evaporation. Additionally, the eco-conscious among us appreciate that they can serve as vital microclimates that supply pollinators and other wildlife with hydration.

blend indoors and outdoors

Merging with the Indoors

Working and schooling from home has made even some of the most expansive homes feel more crowded lately. Homeowners are trying to achieve the feel of greater square footage by transforming outdoor areas into hybrid zones that mix the best of both worlds.

There’s a special emphasis on creating spaces for al fresco dining and lounging, but these gray areas can also take the form of in-home courtyards or even fully or partially enclosed pool decks. Landscaping is shaped around these areas, used to define the spaces and enhance their utility via shade, wind-breaks, etc.

Designing Your Perfect Home & Landscape

If you’re dreaming up ways to make your yard the ideal retreat, why not extend those thoughts to your entire property? Building a custom home to your liking is quite affordable here in Southeast Florida, often more so than buying an existing one.

Capitol Homes has helped countless residents like you craft the property that’s custom-tailored to their family and lifestyle. Just take a look through our floor plans to see the possibilities. When you’re ready to make your project official, reach out and one of our experts will give you a consultation.