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City Guide: Englewood

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Englewood Florida Guide

Where is Englewood?

North Port Florida

Home to the Capitol Homes team, Englewood is one of Florida’s “hidden gems.” Located on the Gulf Coast of Florida, the city is known amongst locals as the place to enjoy the beach peacefully, whether for quiet sunbathing, water sports, or get-togethers. With a variety of beautiful seashells as well as shark teeth to hunt for, rolling sand dunes, and modern amenities, the beaches of Englewood alone are reason enough to choose the area as a place to put down roots, but they’re not all that Englewood has to offer.

Much to Do

If excitement is more your speed, check out Englewood’s annual festivals. There’s the Seafood & Music Festival, Pioneer Day, multiple car & boat shows, and more. Furthermore, there are abundant shopping opportunities in the form of boutiques, malls, farmers’ markets, and craft and art shows as well as dining establishments serving delicious, fresh-from-the-Gulf seafood year-round.

While there is plenty of activity throughout the town, the small population (around 20K) allows for all the peaceful quiet a person could wish for. Some of the most peaceful are the scenic parks and trails, where hikers and strollers alike can take in the sights and sounds as well as observe unique Florida wildlife such as bobcats, gators, birds and much more.

The Statistics

Many residents, new and established, agree that the Englewood area is both idyllic and ideal for lifestyles of all types. In fact, niche.com gives Englewood an overall grade of A- based on resident feedback. From the nature aspect to the modern amenities, area residents are both happy and fulfilled with what the town offers. 

Demographics 2023
Population 22,582
Median Age 67.9
Average Family Size 2.39
Average Household Income $69,237
Geographic Information
Area (Total) 13.1 mi2
Area (Land) 9.8 mi2
Area (Water) 3.3 mi2
Population per mi2 1,067.2 (2020)

Custom Homes to Fit Your Custom Lifestyle

Capitol Homes has served Englewood and its surrounding areas since 2007, but the family has been in the area for generations. Having grown up in Englewood, Capitol Homes’ President, Scott Knapp, is heavily invested in the quality of the development of the town and strives with every build to create a modern, long-lasting, sustainable home that reflects the resident’s tastes and lifestyle.

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