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The Benefits of Building a
Custom Home in Pt. Charlotte

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Looking for a place to plant your roots and craft the home you’ve always wanted? Port Charlotte may just be the best place to do it.

With direct ocean access and great practicality, this picturesque nook of Florida’s southwest coast offers plenty of perks for those interested in building a custom home. To help you gain a bit more clarity on whether or not Port Charlotte is the right place to start from scratch, let’s examine how building here stacks up in terms of financials, lifestyle, and convenience.

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Property Prices are Wonderfully Affordable

The median home price in Port Charlotte is about $255,000, and it has been steadily increasing. Home sale prices have experienced a 25.3% year-over-year rate of growth. Now, the prices are still tens of thousands less than the averages for both Florida and the nation at large, but competition introduces a significant complication for home buyers. 

Port Charlotte’s housing market is hot, earning a “very competitive” Redfin compete score of 74. The median listing time is only 9 days on the market, and almost 40% of all listed homes sell for over their asking price. 

Lots, on the other hand, only have a median price of $40,000, and they are plentiful. It’s even possible to find modest parcels in the range of $10,000 to $20,000. Such low prices leave your budget wide open for building a new custom home. Not only is this route an affordable option, it also allows for much more location flexibility, since you don’t have to compromise on neighborhood choice to get a home with the right features. 

The more crews that are working on a building project, the more opportunities there are for miscommunication and mistakes. A custom home builder should have a robust project management system in place to keep all subcontractor work well-organized.

Port Charlotte Offers Plenty of Amenities

The allure of this oceanside suburb has gained recognition from the nation’s media giants on several occasions. Forbes has ranked it as one of the “Top 25 Places to Retire in the World”, while CNN named it the best retirement city in America – period. 

It’s not tough to see why Port Charlotte has received such accolades. In addition to below-average housing and land prices, the area also boasts a lower overall cost of living. This is in sharp juxtaposition to many of the more well-known cities on Florida’s coastline, where the cost of living easily rises beyond the national average. 

Those who enjoy a quieter lifestyle will enjoy the surroundings of Port Charlotte. However, that’s not to say that the town lacks things to do. Port Charlotte has ample amenities and recreational opportunities. Its location on Charlotte Harbor has resulted in a thriving boating and fishing community. Take sailing lessons, book a cruise, or charter a private boat for a day of casting for big fish in the Gulf of Mexico. 

The entire southern border of the town consists of marinas and beaches. Restaurants, cafes, and shops line the suburb’s main thoroughfare, Tamiami Trail, and common services can be found with ease. Country clubs, parks, and nature reserves are also within a quick drive. Building your home here gives you no shortage of ways to live it up. 

You Can Get the Perfect Fit

Getting a custom build over an existing home here gives you the advantage of getting an abode that meets your specifications exactly. No concessions, no compromises. 

With built real estate, it’s almost impossible to find a home that is truly ideal for your household. Between the layout, room numbers and sizes, architectural features, and the visual design, discovering an on-market home that ticks all of your boxes is like winning the lottery. Especially when you factor in Port Charlotte’s competitive market. Even if you find the unicorn you’ve been hunting for, there’s no guarantee someone else won’t swipe it up before you can. 

Buying your own lot and building the design of your choice removes all of the stress that comes with searching for the right home. Once you’ve selected your plot of land, you’ll have full certainty knowing that the home you’re getting is exactly what you need. 

Custom Equals a Clean Slate

When you work with a trustworthy builder, you’ll also have the knowledge that all of your home’s construction is in perfect condition from day one. There will be no hidden defects that rear their ugly heads in the future, draining your time, energy, and bank account. 

This is an especially big plus on Florida’s southwest coast, since homes are very exposed to the elements. It’s quite easy for even a relatively new home to have accumulated a lot of damage after enduring years of tropical storms. Building new means you can rest assured that your fresh start includes your home as well. 

Get the Best Results with Port Charlotte’s Leading Custom Home Team

If you’re considering building a custom home in Port Charlotte, the most important thing to do is choose a contractor whose work and dependability has been proven. As a family-owned and run business, the crew at Capitol Homes has built a reputation for quality craftsmanship and genuine care for our clients. 

We have deep ties here in the Port Charlotte community, and want to do everything possible to help you start a new life in this vibrant town. From locating a lot to securing financing and perfecting your custom design, we’ll be by your side every step of the way to ensure your experience is as smooth as can be. 

Whether you’re aiming to build your first home or upgrade to a luxurious abode, you can find the right floor plan and customizations through our trusted family business. We’ll help you establish the perfect place to build your future down here on the beautiful southwest coast. Contact us today to schedule an appointment at our design center or visit one of our model homes.