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Interior Decorating Trends
to Look For in 2022

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As more custom home projects are kicking off in Englewood, Port Charlotte, and North Port, we’re starting to see preferences shift. Demands are changing, and this is influencing the emerging design trends. By next year, we’re expecting to see some very strong patterns take over.

In this post, we forecast the interior decorating trends that we think will dominate in 2022. If you’re considering building a custom home of your own, we hope that these predictions can help you form some ideas for your own design vision.

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Practicality Becomes Priority

In order to accommodate the new home-centric lifestyle many of us are now living, our homes are having to become much more functional. This means that not only do home layouts have to be smarter, but that practicality has to become paramount, down to the smallest details. 

We’re seeing this utilitarianism apply to even interior decor. Instead of adding in extra items as eye candy, we’re noticing more and more that the practical elements of the home, such as storage, wares, and furnishings, are doubling as decor themselves. 

From wall-mounted bikes to open-faced cabinets filled with handsome dishware and cutlery, there’s almost no limit to the everyday items that are now being given the spotlight. All it takes is some creativity and tasteful presentation to make anything a visual delight.

Maximalism Takes Hold

Before the pandemic hit, the home was thought of as a place where we needed to decompress and recharge for work. This approach meshed well with the minimalist design trend that reigned supreme for so long. 

But now that we’re spending more time at home, many are finding that they need a more stimulating environment - something energizing, something that inspires. It’s why the trend is now swinging toward the opposite end of the spectrum, embracing all of the vibrance that is maximalism. 

We’re beginning to see boldly decorated rooms take over, with bright color schemes and statement-making furniture. Art, textures, and patterns are layered generously, and even kitschy focal pieces are allowed to take center stage. This creates spaces that are completely unique in feel. The work of artist and designer Dabito is a perfect example of how this new decorating philosophy is exploding in popularity. 

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Old-World Motifs Meet Modern Chic

It’s not just minimalism that people are growing weary of, it’s the ultra-modern look, too. Super sleek chrome, cold lighting, and sterile finishes can make homes seem like spaceships - and after almost two years of staying at home, we’ve had enough of feeling like we’re locked in a capsule.

People are now seeking the comfort and nostalgia of old-fashioned styles. Surprisingly, some of these vintage looks are quite easy to incorporate into modern designscapes, and with rather glamorous results. Upscale home design brands like CB2 are centering their entire catalogs around this sophisticated mish-mash, but even more casual homes can be elevated with the warmth of cottage core or neo-victorian flourishes. 

Capitol Homes Interiors Reflect Your Unique Aesthetic

Whether you’re inspired by these new trends or wish to go in a completely different direction, Capitol Homes can help you get the perfect look. Our Design Center features materials, finishes, and other elements covering the entire style spectrum, from fresh and modern to timeless classics. 

We’ll work with you to get the exact layout, color scheme, and architectural features you desire. By the time your custom home is finished, you’ll have the ideal canvas for decorating according to your specific tastes and lifestyle. Contact us today to speak to our design team and set up your consultation.

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