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Top 8 Reasons to Build Instead of Buy

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If you’re considering whether or not to construct your own home, there are quite a few factors that can weigh in favor of building. Some of these are apparent right away, but there are others that few buyers realize until they do a bit of research.

To help you decide if starting from scratch is the best choice for you, we’ve listed out the top 8 reasons why building a custom home is better than buying an old property.

No Compromising on Choice of Neighborhood

1. No Compromising on Choice of Neighborhood

The location of your home matters almost as much as the home itself. Most people want a pleasant, safe, and quiet neighborhood to live in. You don’t want to deal with the noise and inconvenience of heavy street traffic, or the insecurity of living in a crime-prone area.

When you build custom, you get to pick a lot in the exact area that suits your lifestyle. If you have children, you can choose a place that’s located near good schools and other families, and if you’re retiring, you can opt for a property in a more mature community. Select for ideal density, aesthetics, and even proximity to your most-often visited spots. You’re in complete control.

Hunting for an existing home, on the other hand, removes much of this flexibility. Your desired neighborhood may only have a few homes available in your price range, and it’s always a matter of luck if any of those homes actually match your needs. You may be forced to look in less desirable neighborhoods to get a suitable home, or pay more than you can comfortably afford to secure a place in the area you’ve fallen in love with.

Avoid the Stress of Competition

2. Avoid the Stress of Competition

These days, it’s impossible not to know about the spike in competition for housing. You’re likely to have heard from friends, family, and colleagues about their own frustrating experiences with the market. Even in some of Florida’s sleepiest areas, home prices are going up, and eager buyers are clamoring to get in while they can.

Far fewer buyers are in the market for an undeveloped plot of land, which means you’ll probably be able to take your pick of whichever property you like. There are rarely bidding wars in lot-only sales, while for developed real estate, it’s par for the course. If you find the perfect spot for your future home, you’ll be able to rest easy knowing that it’s yours when you make the offer.

Get the Size and Layout that Meets Your Household’s Needs

3. Get the Size and Layout that Meets Your Household’s Needs

As we touched upon earlier, it’s tough to find a home that is not only affordable and well-located, but also your best match in terms of size and layout. Compromising too much on these factors can create a very uncomfortable living experience. You may end up with too little space for your belongings, activities, and household members. This can make tension rise quickly as everyone struggles with the cramped atmosphere.

Going with a custom build guarantees that you get a home with as many rooms as you need, in dimensions that fit the way you live your life. You can even control the flow of the layout, which can very much affect how easily and comfortably you get through the day.

For example, you may feel that you need most of your communal space dedicated to an expansive kitchen and dining area, with the master bedroom on the opposite side of the house from the other bedrooms. While the market may not have such a specific floor plan fitting all of your other requirements, you can be certain that your custom design will.

Completely Personalize Your Home’s Style

4. Completely Personalize Your Home’s Style

Buying a pre-built home is a take-it or leave-it matter. You’ll have to accept the home as-is, and plan to do your own renovation work if you want to change finishes and materials. This can force you to live unsatisfied for quite a while, since daily life tends to get in the way of starting on renovations and even smaller fix-up projects. You’ll be focused on moving in and getting settled into your new life. Starting an overhaul may be the last thing you want to add to your plate.

The great thing about a custom home is that all of your style customizations can be made before you even move in. You pick all of your design elements before building begins, meaning there’s no need for renovation plans that will disrupt your life and home. Get that perfect kitchen backsplash and countertop on day one, and enjoy your favorite style of flooring from the moment you step in the door.

Avoid Inheriting an Existing Home’s Problems

5. Avoid Inheriting an Existing Home’s Problems

A big drawback of purchasing a previously-owned home is the fact that you’re almost always getting a property with some problems. Not all owners and agents fully disclose these problems at the time of sale, so you may end up with an unpleasant surprise in just a few months or years. It’s not uncommon for these issues to be hard on your wallet, too.

With a custom home, you never have to worry about things like outdated A/C systems, aging plumbing, or musty carpets ruined by pets. You can completely avoid all of the issues that result from wear and tear by previous residents.

Enjoy the Quality of Modern Building

6. Enjoy the Quality of Modern Building

Another point against older homes is the fact that their construction just doesn’t compare to what’s achievable today. New methods and materials have made modern homes much more efficient and even healthy places to live.

Superior insulation quality and ventilation techniques allow new builds to achieve greater energy conservation, keeping your utility bills low. And by avoiding toxic materials like asbestos that were once ubiquitous in residential construction, you can have peace of mind knowing that you’re not living in a health hazard.

Pay Less for an Equal or Better Home

7. Pay Less for an Equal or Better Home

On average, building a custom home actually ends up being more affordable than purchasing an existing property. Part of this is because the initial price of the land can be very inexpensive. The typical cost amounts to an average of $7,000 less than purchasing a preexisting residence.

The affordability of a custom home also works out in the long term as well. You’ll end up paying far less for maintenance and homeowner’s insurance over the years, and even see lower operating costs when it comes to utilities.

Achieve Greater Resale Value Down the Road

8. Achieve Greater Resale Value Down the Road

That’s not where the financial benefits end. If you ever wish to sell your home in the future, you can count on securing a higher sale price than you would if you had bought a previously-owned home. With fresh, modern construction and only one owner on its record, your home will be considerably well-valued when it hits the market.

This will give you a lot more purchasing power when you buy another home. A bonus perk is that a higher resale value will give you greater collateral if you ever need to take out a loan against your property.

Great Custom Home Builders can Surpass What’s on the Market

On the whole, choosing to build a custom home is often the better option for many residents. However, the ultimate value you get out of a new build is highly dependent on the quality of the team you’ve got doing the work.

If you’re working with a crew that has the right skills and process, you’re sure to end up with a home (and buying experience) that’s far better than what you’d get purchasing an old house. Capitol Homes has become renowned for flawless builds and enjoyable customer experiences throughout the Englewood, North Port, and Port Charlotte areas.

We’re one of the most trusted custom home builders on Florida’s southwest coast, and we’re ready to help you kick off your own project. Contact us today to schedule an appointment at our design center or visit one of our model homes.