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City Guide: Port Charlotte

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Port Charlotte Florida Guide

If you’re considering a move to Florida’s Southwest Coast, you’re likely looking for a place that offers excellent quality of life without the sky-high costs found in other parts of the state. While many towns in this region qualify as great candidates, Port Charlotte ranks among the best.

Popular for its bayside location and laid-back culture, this destination is a top choice for people looking for that idyllic Florida lifestyle. Learn more about its features and draws by reading through our quick city guide.

Where is Port Charlotte?

Port Charlotte Florida

Port Charlotte is located in Charlotte County. It rests at the north end of Charlotte Harbor, just where the Peace River empties into the bay. Highway 41 runs directly through the city, connecting it to Murdock to the northwest and Punta Gorda to the southeast. From the center of town, it takes about 10 minutes to reach I-75, making it convenient for commuters heading up toward Tampa or down toward Fort Myers.

Living in Port Charlotte

Easy Pace of Living

Port Charlotte Neighborhood Builder

So far, the flood of new Florida transplants hasn’t hit Port Charlotte too hard. The area is still relatively uncrowded and relaxed. Many people describe Port Charlotte as having an “Old Florida” feel, thanks to this laid back atmosphere, the prevalence of historic architecture, and the many scenic waterways that weave through the city.


Retirees who move to Port Charlotte enjoy all of the tax benefits that other Floridians do. But on top of that, the town boasts a collection of amenities that make it a convenient choice for those trying to make the most of their golden years.

Port Charlotte is home to numerous healthcare services, including HCA Florida Fawcett Hospital and ShorePoint Health. There is also an abundance of local talent in skilled nursing and home health aides to offer support when needed.

Great Schools

Younger families will also find much for them in Port Charlotte, especially when it comes to the quality of education. The city’s public schools have a great track record in rankings by the Florida Department of Education, and there are numerous private school options as well. High-achieving students will find plenty of support from the area’s prep schools and AP/gifted programs.

Waterside Fun

Port Charlotte Florida

Being right on Charlotte Harbor gives city residents unbeatable access to beaches, fishing, and boating. Canals run throughout the area, and the Peace River takes visitors into incredible nature settings to the east. Many of the homes and empty lots in this city have direct waterside access, making private docking a real possibility.

Affordable Properties

By and far, one of the biggest attractors for buyers is the wonderfully affordable housing market. Port Charlotte’s largely working and middle class demographics have kept prices in line with the purchasing power of average households.

The city’s median home price is $180,900, which is over $56,000 less than the Florida average. Empty lots especially can be found for a steal, with some quarter-acre properties costing less than $20,000.

Building a Custom Home in Port Charlotte

If you’ve pinpointed Port Charlotte as your next home, there’s plenty of opportunity to get the home of your dreams. Considering the outstanding availability and pricing of empty lots, building custom is one of the best options for buyers who want a higher quality home tailored to their needs.

This is why so many of Port Charlotte’s newest residents have enlisted the help of Capitol Homes. Our team has provided hundreds with perfect custom home builds that capitalize on everything Port Charlotte’s lots have to offer.

We offer comprehensive service that gives you a smooth and enjoyable experience. Get expert help choosing the right lot, arranging temporary living quarters, and designing a home according to your list of must-have features. We’ll make it all happen, getting you move-in ready with no stress and no fuss. Contact us today to schedule a visit to our design center, or tour one of our model homes!