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Front Door Trends - Now & Then

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Doors may be a basic necessity of any home, but that doesn’t mean they need to be boring. In fact, choosing the right type of door can have a big influence on your home’s style, including whether it looks dated or modern. In this post, we examine what trends have defined door design in the past, and what ones are now bringing a fresh look to homes.

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Door Trends of the Past

There are a number of door trends that were absolutely iconic. Merely seeing them brings up memories of certain eras, and those associations are difficult to overcome. While these trends may have been popular years ago, they’re mostly avoided today.

Oval Lite Doors

Everyone has knocked on one of these doors. Once the picture of refinement and class, oval lite doors were the top choice as front doors for homes throughout the 90s. The grandest presentations featured windows at each side, with decorative glasswork that matched the door’s oval centerpiece. Unfortunately, the prevalence of oval lite doors has bound them to the decade. Much like the frizzy perms of the 80s and the oversized collars of the 70s, there’s simply no way to separate them from the fashion of their heyday.

Barn Doors

Scroll through Pinterest at any point in the 2010s and you wouldn’t have been able to make it but a few swipes without seeing barn doors. These were the hippest picks for interior spaces, bringing a rustic chic look to any room - whether it fit or not! Though they can be great for saving room, and certainly look nice in the right environment, they can also easily look a bit dated and out of place.

The answer should have a big influence on your choice of floorplan. If you anticipate entertaining a fair number of guests, you’ll want to choose a layout that can not only accommodate the mass of occupants, but your entertaining methods as well. For instance, hosting formal dinner parties may call for a large, separate dining room, while a more casual cook-while-chatting approach may be more suited to an open kitchen/dining/living space.

Honey Oak Doors

Did any home manage to escape the great oak plague that lasted more than a generation? Instantly recognizable, honey oak can still be found in millions of homes across America. This popular wood was used from the 70s through the 90s for trim, railings, cabinetry, shelving, and of course, doors. Front doors, bedroom doors, even closet doors were made from the unescapable honey oak.

The look was so ubiquitous that it’s now one of the first things people think of when picturing dated design. Although oak is once again having a moment, it is taking on a much more updated appearance, with fresher finishes and sleeker hardware.

Stained Glass Doors

This is one of those trends that can actually be timeless when the design is right. Stained glass doors use light and color to create spectacular imagery that can add to the beauty of any home. While most tend to look old-fashioned, tasteful styling can easily harmonize them with the rest of a space. Their striking look and unique artistry is why stained glass doors are often seen as valuable selling points when they’re found in older homes. For new construction, many will happily pay thousands for custom stained glass panels.

Door Trends of 2022

Now that we’re entering the midst of 2022, we’re seeing some definite trends take hold in the world of doors. An overarching theme of detail has arisen out of the pandemic. With so much more time spent at home the past couple of years, residents are now paying greater attention to the design that surrounds them. People want something special and aesthetically pleasing, which is leading them to choose door types that have undeniable character.

Privacy Glass

Glass doors look sleek, modern, and luminous. But they can also give too much visibility to outsiders – hardly desirable when you’re binge watching in four-days-worn sweatpants.

Today’s homeowners are seeking out the more confidential alternative by choosing doors with privacy glass inserts. From frosted to marbled textures, there is now no shortage of glass treatments that obscure views without cutting light. Some are even available in colored applications, putting a new spin on the classic stained-glass door.

Double Doors

Double doors are growing in demand, especially here in Florida. This is for two main reasons. The first is that today’s population of retirees is growing rapidly. These residents need doorways that provide plenty of room for mobility devices such as canes, walkers, and wheelchairs. Another point is that people want dwellings that open wide to their yards, allowing them to enjoy a greater connection to nature.

Double doors facilitate both needs well, creating broad openings that enable free movement between home interiors and exteriors.

Dutch Doors

It’s hard to think of a more old-fashioned design than the classic Dutch door. But these relics of the past are actually finding a place in modern homes. Their rarity has given them a uniqueness that is highly coveted in current design. But the benefits of their actual structure are proving to be desirable as well.

Since Dutch doors give the option of opening only the top or bottom half, they offer their own way of enjoying the outdoors from within. Opening up the top half of the door can work almost like adding a window to the space - an effect maximized when combined with the double door trend. For pet owners, opening the bottom half gives critters easy access to the backyard when they need it. In interior rooms, Dutch doors can also serve as convenient baby gates.

Geometric Designs

Modern design is not afraid to be daring. That’s why we’re seeing more dynamic lines, shapes, and motifs take hold of design. The same is true for doors, which are increasingly being spotted with geometric patterns.

Whether done with paint, glass, or individual pieces of wood, composing geometric designs on door faces is giving homes an innovative look characteristic of only the most fashion-forward architecture.

Color Statement Doors

Painting doors a bold color has actually been a trend for a long time. But in 2022, it’s taking a bit of a different route. Today’s homeowners are looking for effects that are playful and modern, leading them to choose colors that have been fairly uncommon in the past.

Think vibrant orange, neon yellow, or the electric teal you’d find in the waters of the Florida Keys. This era’s statement doors are meant to be exciting and unexpected.

Picking the Perfect Design Elements for Your Home

If you’re trying to figure out what features you want in your ideal home, talking with an expert custom home design team can give you all the guidance you need. We at Capitol Homes will happily help you select the floor plan and design touches that match your preferences and lifestyle.

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